Palestinian Heritage web2.0 - Intercultural exploration of creative and innovative approaches to the documentation, diffusion and promotion of Palestinian cultural heritage and arts

Overall objective:
Safeguard, valorize and promote Palestinian tangible and intangible cultural heritage in creative and innovative ways, through inter-cultural and intergenerational cooperation and exchange and through the use of IT and multimedia

Specific objectives:
1: Enhance young generations awareness and knowledge of Palestinian tangible and intangible cultural heritage, building capacity for its safeguard and valorization through intercultural exchange and through the use of multimedia
2: Explore, experiment and diffuse creative and innovative approaches and methods for researching, exhibiting and valorizing Palestinian cultural heritage through the use of multimedia IT and the exchange between Palestinian and Euro Mediterranean actors
3. Enhance and promote the diffusion and visibility of the Palestinian tangible and intangible cultural heritage at the local and international level, through the use of web2.0 technology and through a network of local and international partners of the Euro Mediterranean area

Estimated results:
1. Increased capacity of beneficiaries in best practices and innovative methods of cultural heritage protection, valorization and promotion through the use of multimedia and intercultural exchange
2. Contribution to the protection of Palestinian cultural heritage through Realization of data bases and of the virtual expo of the Arqoub area cultural heritage, to be hosted as permanent exhibition of the Battir Ecomuseum Archive of Cultural Landscape Heritage
3.Realization of a web portal of Palestinian cultural heritage for its promotion locally and internationally through the network of local and Euro-Mediterranean partners
3. Establishment of a platform for the networking and cooperation of Palestinian and Euro-Mediterranean institutions and agencies working for the protection and promotion of cultural heritage. 
4. Enhancement of the visibility of the Euro Mediterranean- Palestinian cooperation through the valorization and expansion of existing networks and initiatives and the establishment of new cooperative relations

Battir Landscape Ecomuseum

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