Wasman - Waste Management Policy as Tools for Corporate Governance

  • To establish a local waste management model for the Mediterranean region.
  • To develop a more efficient and cost-effective waste management for solid waste collection, treatment and disposal in small cities and less populated areas.
  • To improve territorial multilevel governance system on waste management, involving public and private institutions.
  • To incorporate good practices into the waste management system.
  • To improve awareness of clean environment and healthy security.
  • To contribute to the implementation of Community policy and legislation on waste.

  • Identification of good practices.
  • Launch of new recycling methods through pilot actions.
  • Raise of awareness (knowledge, methods, participation process, local pilot actions and innovative technology for and environmentally friendly solid waste management). A consumer’s handbook will be issued.
  • Encourage decision-makers to reform non-sustainable waste management practices. 

In collaboration with Dirty Works

Wasman website

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